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High-speed temperature-control door manufacturer SAFE-door Industries Ltd is delighted to announce that their new website is now up and running, and can be accessed at Having listened to feedback from a wide range of users, the new site boasts a new visual layout and allows easier access to brochures, project references, and product specification sheets. has been completely re-written in HTML5 to make it easier to find via search engines, and to allow a quality website experience for users of both mobile and traditional devices. The website also now benefits from SSL certification, which encourages a safer browsing experience and ensures that all data exchanged is encrypted.

SAFE-door Industries Ltd is a UK-based design and manufacture house for special purpose Thermal Separation and Sound Reduction doors. They offer a broad range of innovative door solutions to separate and contain ambient, chilled and frozen environments.

The Thermal Solutions product line is led by the Thermaster, the ultimate cold store doorway for the busiest of freezers or distribution centres. The Thermachill and Thermaspeed rapid roll doors offer a high-speed solution for chill and ambient environments, and Thermaslide, Thermasec and Thermax doors provide a high performance solution for sliding, sectional or pedestrian applications.

The Thermaster is a twin-curtain rapid-rise doorway which provides a unique combination of high-speed operation, to minimise draughts and convection heat losses, with thermal insulation to minimise conduction through the closed door leaf. Designed and manufactured at their UK headquarters in Cumbria, the Thermaster has been developed to deliver low running costs and great energy savings. Installation of the Thermaster cold store doorway has seen clients benefit from improved store temperature control, reduced defrost frequencies and improved safety due to ice-free floors.

For chill applications, the Thermachill is a single-curtain rapid-roll door which shares the Thermaster’s galvanised steel roller canopy and full-height drive legs that are polyester powder coated as standard, providing additional robustness and peace of mind to the end-user. Stainless steel options are also available. The Thermachill’s heavily insulated CFC-free curtain ensures a high level of thermal efficiency and the perimeter seals provide an effective seal for all chill applications.

The Thermaspeed is the third high-speed doorway in the Thermal Solutions range and is equally at home in both ambient and chill environments. Sharing the full width galvanised steel roller canopy of the Thermaster and Thermachill, the Thermaspeed is the ideal solution for high traffic applications inside or out. With wind bars integrated into the curtain to provide integrity, the Thermaspeed ensures an effective barrier at all times and now shares the same sequential light guard safety system as the Thermachill and the Thermaster for additional peace of mind.

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