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John Lee, managing director at Courier Express, explores how the new wave of innovative
refrigerated transport solutions are overcoming key challenges within the food industry.

The frozen food market has seen significant growth over the past year in both retail and foodservice sectors – with the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) predicting the market will top £10 billion in 2018. In addition, the IDG retail report 2017 also stated that the chilled and fresh sector is a key area of growth, as demand increases for fresh and healthy products.

Although this growth is fantastic news for foodservice providers, it’s not without significant challenges, as retailers need to ensure that fresh produce reaches its destination on time and in pristine condition. From raw meat and seafood to fresh fruit and vegetables, the transportation of temperature sensitive food requires a great level of urgency throughout the supply chain.


For Courier Express, one of the UK’s leading providers of refrigerated transport solutions, the ability to deliver flexibility logistics services has been key to prospering in an ever-changing foodservice industry.

Working with a number of leading businesses, from food manufacturers, cafes, restaurants, pubs and supermarkets, the company has been delivering a first-class service which exceeds customer expectations within a time critical and cost-effective framework. Operating a connected network of strategically located sites in Leeds, Manchester, London, Northampton and the Midlands ensures the company can provide a truly nationwide service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The company’s award-winning foodservice multi-drop delivery service for the food and drink sector connects every corner of the UK. Fast, reliable and on-time, the refrigerated supply chain service provides streamlined support to enable businesses to deliver a multitude of food and drink products to restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, schools with multiple sites – allowing companies to maximise opportunities in an increasingly competitive industry.

By utilising the latest on-board monitoring technology, the precise temperatures of all food produce can be checked at any point in the journey. This ensures that perishable goods constantly maintain optimum temperatures, preventing excess food spoilage and waste, which can be costly.

Having a modern fleet of vans, which are equipped with advanced equipment, enables Courier Express Ltd to deliver a multitude of food and drink products to foodservice providers across the UK. This innovative technology enables the company to make an impressive 25 deliveries every day of chilled, frozen and ambient products to high-profile clients.


The importance of product development and sample deliveries during tendering processes is often critical to business success. That’s why Courier Express also offer a same day and next day temperature-controlled transportation service for chilled, frozen and multi-temperature product samples.

Whether customers need to send urgent temperature critical product samples the same day or have a requirement for multiple shipments, the leading refrigerated transportation provider can provide a first-class delivery service to meet any requirements.

The company’s dedicated same day sample delivery service can provide a temperature-controlled vehicle at a customer’s premises within 30-60 minutes, with a point-to-point distribution service ensuring consignments arrive at your delivery point within the required delivery windows – all within a cost-effective framework.

Courier Express also offer a next day alternative which can be utilised for less urgent deliveries. With this service customers can have their product samples collected every afternoon, handled and stored at desired temperatures in bespoke storage facilities, and delivered the next day.
Gü Puds have their cake and eat it too

UK leading dessert manufacturer, Gü Puds sought to maximise supply chain efficiency, searching for a cold chain provider that could deliver their high-quality product samples to retailers for tasting during tendering processes. After considerable deliberation they decided to enlist leading refrigerated logistics provider Courier Express.

The company sought a partner who could guarantee the safe delivery of samples on time, every time, to locations across the UK from the company’s headquarters in London. Operating within the constraints of the tight delivery windows of retail stores, Gü Puds knew that supply chain efficiency was critical, whether it was for the delivery of large batches of desserts or the shipment of single products to meet smaller sample requests.

By operating out of strategically located sites UK-wide, Courier Express was able to offer a truly nationwide service for Gü Puds, with capacity to transport chilled, frozen, ambient and multi-temperature loads, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a new refrigerated same day and next day product sample distribution process established thanks to Courier Express, Gü Puds were able to save time and improve efficiency, in turn making its products more accessible and transportable to clients inside and outside of London. The refinement in supply chain reliability ensured an improvement in sample delivery turnover, and the frequency of deliveries at any time of day or night has had a substantial positive impact on business operations.

After integrating Courier Express’ advanced refrigerated transport fleet into its supply chain operations, Gü Puds significantly reduced the costs incurred for transporting food products nationwide, due to employing a single courier with the flexibility to make chilled, frozen, ambient and multi-temperature deliveries.