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Within the temperature control industry, not only is the quality of the equipment highly sought after, but a strong and established support network is equally as important. After-sales support is vital to any supply chain, with servicing and maintenance ensuring the equipment continuously performs to its potential, whilst also providing a life-line in the unlikely event that it experiences some form of issue. A proficient support network enables businesses to run at an optimum with no disruption to daily operations. When done right, it provides a win-win scenario for both the supplier and the client.


“From day one the customer is key”, began Rod Benham, Managing Director at DGTCS, “it’s all about listening to them, understanding their pain points, and we do this through our consultation service, going in to their business and learning their processes in order to offer a tailor-made solution specifically for them.”

DGTCS describe themselves as a hybrid between project and asset management. Their impressive in-house capabilities mean that no third parties are necessary, saving the associated time and fees, as well as ensuring effective communication throughout.

“I’ve always said communication is the number one driver behind a project’s success,” Rod said, “I don’t believe in departments, and what we offer is a ‘one-team’ ethos backed by an incredibly skilled and experienced workforce from a diverse set of backgrounds.”
“This allows us to provide an unrivalled level of service within our industry, and we take pride in it – once a solution is in place it’s only 50% complete in our eyes – the equipment’s continuing performance is of paramount importance for our customer’s success, so we schedule regular servicing at their convenience, as well as offer reactive maintenance 24 hours a day 365 days a year.”

“Our national service team and engineers are trained in problem resolution, they don’t just fix the fault, they find the root cause,” continued Rod, “re-occurring problems are just as bad for us as they are for the customer so we invest the time necessary to resolve the issue permanently.”

This customer focus is not unique to DGTCS, in fact it shines through the whole of Dawsongroup whose motto is ‘Built on service, based on trust’. It is this level of service, alongside their established network of businesses, which makes Dawsongroup so successful. Formed of nine sister companies, the Group boasts an impressive portfolio, consisting of Material Handling, Sweepers, Vans, Trucks and Trailers to name a few.

“The support network we have in place is unparalleled, as a Group our assets cover the whole supply chain and we even have a finance team that offer incredibly competitive rates,” Rod concluded, “this ensures everything can be kept in-house, we like it to be in our control as we don’t want to rely on others who may not be so customer orientated.”

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