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Tinytag data loggers enable conditions to be measured, documented, analysed and validated from initial ingredients processing through to delivery to the consumer. Tinytags provide monitoring during processing, cooking, pasteurisation, cooling and freezing. They are used throughout the cold chain; in refrigerators and freezers; and during sterilisation procedures and in industrial dishwashers. They also help to verify if cooling equipment is working correctly.

* Accurate and reliable
* Easy to use
* BS EN 12830 compliant units
* Cost-effective

They are set up to record at specified intervals and positioned as required, and have an alarm which activates if conditions fall outside a user-defined temperature range. Data from standalone units is downloaded via a USB cable to a PC for analysis. For sites requiring remote data access or with multiple monitoring points (e.g. warehouses and walk-in cold stores), radio and network enabled devices are ideal: data is collected automatically and accessed on a PC, on a LAN, or remotely over the internet.

Accompanying probes monitor extremes of temperature and loggers with an integral stainless steel stab probe are designed to monitor product core temperatures.

A wide choice of Tinytags is available:
* Standalone, network enabled or wireless devices
* Multi-channel loggers to simultaneously monitor two parameters (e.g. temperature and RH) or multiple monitoring points using probes
* Rugged, waterproof and dustproof units
* Units with displays showing current readings as well as recording data
* Fully submersible, high temperature loggers
* Range of accompanying probes for measuring extremes of temperature or hard to reach areas

Data is presented clearly and concisely initially in graphs and tables, and can be exported for reporting purposes to other popular packages if required.

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