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Nagel Langdons operate the market leading shared user network for chilled and frozen food distribution in the UK. The service frequency and geographical coverage of the Nagel Langdons network is what sets it apart from the competition.

While the majority of logistics service providers have moved towards a central hub distribution model, Nagel Langdons continues to offer its customers a local “host” depot with local contacts and direct access to a national network offering next-day delivery throughout the UK.

Nagel Langdons “regional gateways” greatly improve their customer’s access to market and reduce food miles by not only consolidating the last mile delivery as is the case with a central hub model, but also the longer line haul or trunk lines between the major cities and retail RDC locations.

Larger food manufacturing sites are able to despatch sufficient volume in order to adopt a central hub or direct delivery model to retail RDC’s, however according to the DEFRA food statistics pocket book there are more than 6,000 Micro, Small and Medium sized food manufacturing businesses making up 96% of all food manufacturing in the UK who must work smarter in order to get their products to market in a cost effective and sustainable way. Approximately one-third of them choose the Nagel Langdons shared user network to achieve this, with more than 2,000 food manufacturing businesses in the UK using the Nagel Langdons network for both inbound raw material movements as well as outbound distribution of finished goods the network moves up to 10,000 pallets every day. Arran Osman, MD Nagel Langdons Ltd says, “Our business model is designed to provide sustained value to our customers supply chains, no matter the size, scale, or nature of their business in the food sector.”

Nagel Langdons can now offer customers a single solution for international as well as domestic consignments following the recent merger with another Nagel-Group subsidiary, Nagel Logistics UK (NLUK) in Dover. Michael Schymik, MD NLUK and now International Director for Nagel Langdons commented, “We are looking forward to serving our international customers with the same passion, quality and reliability under our new Nagel-Group name, Nagel Langdons.” The combined business will have a turnover in excess of £120m p/a.