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Ella’s Kitchen, the UK’s leading baby food brand is moving into the frozen aisle for the first time in its 12 year history with the launch of Ella’s Kitchen BIG KIDS, a delicious new frozen food range created especially from weaning babies up to BIG KIDS at 8 years old. It has worked in partnership with Tesco to launch the range after identifying a desire for tasty and convenient options at kids mealtimes.

The range is the first that Ella’s has created in the frozen food category, and has been designed especially for kids, with colourful packaging and kid-sized portions. Sure to be the star on any plate, each recipe is made using organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, and is packed with vegetables, with no added sugar, or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and offers a number of gluten free options; making it super tasty for grown up kids.

The 14 SKUs are ideal for busy families and cover a range of occasions; from quick and easy mealtimes, snack time munchies in kids’ lunch boxes or weaning. There are even vegetable bursts to help pack an extra veggie punch into mealtimes.

Some hero products sure to be snuck into grocery trolleys by playful mitts include:
Chicken + Veggie Nuggets: made with British chicken breast, boosted with 4 types of veggies and wrapped up in crunchy gluten free breadcrumbs
Cheesey Croquettes blended with cauliflower for a tasty twist, all wrapped up in crunchy, gluten free breadcrumbs, a delicious vegetarian option
Cod Fishies made with sustainably sourced cod and mixed with peas, sweetcorn and fluffy mash, all wrapped up in crunchy gluten free breadcrumbs
Meaty Meatballs with a twist – a marvellous mix of 5 types of veggies and British beef, topped with a tasty tomato sauce
Strawberry and Banana Muffins with squished strawberries + mashed bananas – and no added sugar. Leave them out to defrost or pop them in the microwave – perfect as a wholesome snack when feeling peckish.

Sweet Potato, Squash, Carrots + Parsnips Stir in Veggie Boost – carefully prepared, steamed in water, pureed and frozen. Two cubes are the perfect veg portion for little ones and super smooth so great for weaning!

Ella‘s Kitchen was founded in 2006 and disrupted the baby food market with fun, healthy, organic and tasty food. Its mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food from an early age by offering a variety of food tastes and fun experiences. Ella’s Kitchen BIG KIDS continues this mission and features the same calibre of organic ingredients and homemade tasty goodness the brand is renowned for.
Mark Cuddigan CEO at Ella’s Kitchen said, “We’re on a mission to provide children with delicious and organic food so this a really exciting time for us as we move into a new category. Together with Tesco we saw the need for a convenient AND tasty frozen food option for children and we are delighted to be the bringing this to the market.”

Sonia Morland, Frozen Buyer, Tesco said, “We are delighted to partner with Ella’s Kitchen on the launch of this range. Our customers are always looking for nutritious and healthy options to feed their kids. We’re confident it’s going to be really popular with families who are looking for quick, tasty and healthy food.”